Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sleep divorced me.

Sleep has left me for someone else, it's true. So now I dance with insomnia.

I decided that now, at 1.15am, would be the most suitable time to blog and finally post a few pictures from my wanderings in far and exotic/pretty/shady/skungy lands.

Gaudi's Casa de Batllo in Barcelona
 Barcelona - soooo many vespas on just about every street corner
 just waitin' for the bus... in the middle of a park....
 Parc de la Cuitadella

The world's laziest bee on my sister's foot.. wouldn't budge, not even for some nice pollen.

Dodgiest shop ever. My sister got sucked into purchasing a leather wallet (apparently genuine Morrocan leather) for 25 euros. I found pretty much the same for 3e. Sucks to be her.

Abundance of sweet deliceries (yes I made that word up) at the food market
Little audio cars for the tourists in Barcelona! How cool are these?!

Tyra with a street performer on La Rambla (like the main shopping street in Barca)

Flamenco!!! I recorded some too and when I figure out how to use this stupid macbook and rotate the video I'll post it.

Meet the cobbler shop

I can only think of one reason why you would need a sort of breast sleeve... and it's so sleazy.

The beautiful Montserrat, see that building? yeah try trekking the mountain for a Sunday service every week.

That stone house at the top of the cliff (I zoomed as much as I could) was where a hermit monk lived for 20 years, never came down and died there.

This is one of the doors of the Montserrat monastery. It has been there since 1025AD and survived Napolean's siege. How's that for strength?

The Black Madonna. You get to touch her hand on the left where they've left a hole in the glass.

This is how the flea market was in Barcelona. Pretty much sheets on the ground with people's junk on them. Btw, that market was so seedy, never going there again.

Okay so I just realised I have waaaay too many photos to try and post at once and there are more on the other camera so I'm going to stop here for tonight rather than blast myself into sleep deprivation delirium.. happily, sleep has come crawling back and I'm struggling to make sense right now.

Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, maybe Madame Trussard's and to finish tomorrow off a Gypsy and the Cat show. I will struggle.

Out at 2.35am.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Because there's way too much for me to write if I start from the start and this poor little internet kiosk in my hotel with it's extremely slow internet connection might not be able to handle a large amount of love I'll just quickly say that right now I'm in Paris and the city is stunning. Also, I'm enjoying the attention I'm getting actually looking like a foreigner here. Didn't happen much in Barcelona. A couple of things though:

1. I had to make my own tea at McDonalds. There was my cup of hot water on a tray along with my tea bag. Sugar's on the counter. Bon apetit!

2. I ate snail last night!!! It was... chewy.. and rather tasteless if it didn't have the butter/garlic sauce on it.

3. Australian train systems you have a lot to learn from the European public transport systems.

4. WHY DOES EVERYONE RIDE A VESPA?! Where are the motorbikes?!

5. The movies don't even lie about France.

Until we meet again, love and sunshine xx

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I have a rather large suitcase sitting on my bed begging to be filled (never mind the 23kg limit as my baggage allowance) but the one thing I need the most is nowhere to be found - where is my motivation? I have been looking forward to this trip for months! I wake up hours before my alarm is due to go off I'm that excited. Allegedly.

I blame He Who Must Not Be Named (my boss - I'd type his name but I know for a fact he Google's himself on a weekly basis).