Thursday, August 26, 2010

English language

Have you ever realized how alien the English language can sound sometimes? take a word, any word, strip it's meaning from it and then repeat it over and over, concentrating on the way it sounds and the way your mouth moves to produce it. Amazing. It turns into gobbledegook.

One of my favourite words to do this to is "flabbergast".. it's already an entertaining word and I use it whenever I can because it gives me a thrill but seriously, do it! flabbergast... flabbergast... flabbergast.. flaaaaaabeeeergassssst...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rockstars and Ruby Red Lipstick

My brother is in town! just for a little bit.. do you think they remembered my birthday when he walked in at 12:01am 23rd of July?? no siree (sad face). He's lucky he brought an eventful first week of my life as 21.. wasn't just him though, some great friends (those pics not included though) and some great red lipstick my sister found.

Brunswick st, Vege bar with mama and papa on my birthday

TJ and Lionel

My sister and my niece (note the red lipstick)

(L to R) Breana, Johnny (drummer for Lily Allen and The Streets), Jocey, Lez and Lionel

At the Hi-fi with the Foals

....... ha. just kidding, wasn't mine.

Jocey, Sean (GATC's technician), Wayne (bassist/guitarist for The Streets and Lily Allen) @ Strange talk gig

Strange Talk (sorry about the blurriness guys, I don't know where the good quality shots are..)

Xav rockin' it at the Hi-fi.. Johnny looking like the Devil's child.

Fun was had by all.