Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today's just one of them days - dressing gown, peppermint tea and Sade.

Listening to Sade always gives me a stab of nostalgia for the restaurant in Paris we went to... probably not doing the best for my spirits right now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Sister 1 sitting at kitchen table eating a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise.
Sister 2 in bedroom doing homework.
Older Brother enters kitchen, walks past sister 1 to sister 2 in bedroom, opens bedroom door:

“So where’s this bloody spaghetti?”

Sister 1 overhears and looks up in disbelief.

Sister 2 “uh.. in the kitchen”

Brother “oh right”

Brother walks to stove and opens pot 1 ft spaghetti. Proceeds to fill plate. Brother then looks dumbfounded.

Brother asks sister 1 “where’s the bloody sauce?”

Sister 1 raises her eyebrows “In the pot next to it”.

Brother opens fridge and peers in “Is there any parmesan cheese?”

“no and you wouldn’t find it in the fridge anyway, there’s a block of cheese in there though”

“But its not grated”

“you serious? Man, I should return it..”

“Do I have to grate it myself?”

Sister 1 …………….

Can you believe he got an enter of 97.6??