Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A bunch of social retards.

You wouldn't think that a simple phrase, a greeting, a salutation, such as "Hey, how you going?" would be a suitable reason to incite any sort of physiological change in one's body, right? Apparently so, according to commuters on the 72 tram to Camberwell yesterday.. How is it that we, as a society, have turned into a complete bunch of unsociable gits that think the world and all the inhabitants therein are out to get us when one friendly question is asked? Why do we feel the need to avert our eyes when a stranger decides not to be a miserable twat and ask the person next to them how their day is? Why do our hearts beat a little quicker, palms get a little sweatier and we look at each uneasily? Or to the recipient of said question, why act as if nothing was said at all?

Possible answers:
a) We've evolved through the eras into communally disabled conversationalists
b) We're sick cynics
c) the lesson "don't talk to strangers" that we're taught as a child becomes innate as we get older hence the degeneration of simple conversation...

Oh, didn't anybody tell him it's not ok to make conversation with strangers? Oh wait, we can't tell him, we don't talk to strangers.. let's just treat him like a freak, general acquiescence please.. but no words because we don't know each other..

When did common conversation become too confronting? when did it start taking people out of their comfort zones to be polite??

Now I'm not trying to palm my guilt off out into inexistence or be all "holier than thou" because I am certainly guilty of participating in this disgrace which has become a public norm.. just saying, this is what I observed.

On a further note, I know chivalry is supposed to be dead but what happened to general humanity? Close to getting a bit arty-farty and "heal the world" here but nevertheless, when an old lady has to help a young mother and her pram onto a tram when there are plenty of young men standing around near the door, then you know, something is terribly, terribly amiss in the world

Monday, May 17, 2010

On the weekend I:
  • discovered meat makes me physically disgusted
  • only rode European cars
  • drew a picture to tip a waiter
  • had an Asain photo shoot 
  • got kissed by a homeless guy
  • got a rose from an alcoholic/junkie Phil
  • spoke to slightly scary junkie Phil for over an hour
  • had a pool-cleaner-tasting piece of cake
  • got let down by Savers
  • went pole dancing
  • went to Little Italy
  • lap-danced in a park
  • got into an organic/vegan v carnal debate
  • had a soy gelati
  • went to church to repent for any shady weekend frivolities
  • had tim tam slams (I was a bad vegan/organic)
  • played charades
  • got squished on a couch in between 7 screaming girls trying to look sexy for the camera
  • got a haircut
  • played a tribal chief, sleazy American footballer, interrogater, Next Top Model judge, plastic surgeon and Lebo from Broady.
Today I am broke, buggered and my body is as stiff as a board!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time To Wander (Joan Of Arc Remix)

Gypsy & the Cat
(demo/unmixed version - featured on the newest Kitsune compilation 9)

I am incredibly proud of these two bad boys :)

Film clip being produced in mid May.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tears for a 5 yr old.

It's not often a five yr old can have you stuttering and lost for words but last night my niece asked me some sticky questions that had me lost for answers.

Last night I was walking past Tyra's room when she was in bed and she called out for me to come in (her mother had gone to the store). So I went in and snuggled up to her and her teddy who we then proceeded to try and name (we never settled with any as she kept changing the gender of the bear). After a while of me suggesting names and her rejecting them she went a little quiet. "Mozzy, why does grandma and grandad fight?" well why is the sky blue? But trying to answer that question to a five yr old somehow ended up like this, "Sometimes grandad does something grandma doesn't like and sometimes grandma does something grandad doesn't like.. but it's ok, that happens", she obviously spends waaaay too much time with her grandparents.. and then she gobsmacked me again, "On my daddy day he took me to lunch and then mummy came and she tried to hug daddy but he walked away from her and I felt bad for mummy so I went home with her but I felt bad for daddy so I made him a card but I don't know why he did that"... well what the kcuf was I supposed to say to that?! Tyra baby, you're parents are idiots who are better off without each other that's why they're not together anymore... I somehow stumbled my way through some pathetic explanation, "sometimes mummy and daddy fight the same way grandma and grandad fight", "no, they don't", "sometimes they do", how was I supposed to explain relationships to a five yr old?! I looked at her and the expression on her face as she plucked at her teddy was so heartbreaking.. in a little voice she had more to say, "Sometimes when they've been bad they make me choose who has been bad and I don't like it because I think they've both been bad.. I don't know who to choose"..  my throat felt so constricted as I tried to squeeze some sort of steady condolence out. Because all of a sudden, she had shown me the world through her 5 yr old eyes, her position, her viewpoint and how it was so unfair the pressure and the decisions she was supposed to make, mum, or dad? And I had no real answer for her.. no answer that was supposed to explain the world to her.. no answer that she was ready to hear.. no answer that was acceptable.. all I could do was hug her and cry.

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