Friday, January 25, 2008

exhaustingly crazy

Whoever invented the concept of spending copious amounts of time shopping? All girls love shopping right? WRONG!! Im sleep walking within the first ten minutes hehee. My sisters think im weird and my friends just cant understand. I mean, what's fun about dragging bags from store to store in search of that dream top? Or those dream topSSS? One cannot possibly wear all at once so who cares!? not me. Today ALONE I spent the entire day walking the streets of Melbourne "assisting" fellow consumers. Dont get me wrong, I love the city, there's so much life that people need to notice and appreciate, but shopping is so mundane and... ridiculous, in the whole aspect of life and the world.
Anywho, enough complaining. It was great spending time with my cousins that I hardly ever see.. even if it is to "assist".

take care
love and sunshine xoxo