Friday, May 27, 2011

People are so clever sometimes..

So I was randomly browsing the interweb today and I found myself looking through art sites and blogs and I came across some sik as art pieces. Check it.

Literally hand painting! Heaps more from here.

*sigh. the talented and weird make me happy :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waste not, want not.

Defs some interesting characters at this place - there's one fellow (happy/spaced out/walks-on-his-toes sort of fellow), for instance, who has an incessant need to print something out every half hour or so, walk into someone else's office to use their stapler and then take it straight to the recycle bin.

Why? no idea.

We're keeping a tally of how many times he does this per day in addition to how many times he walks past... we've placed bets amongst ourselves... unethical but amusing.

Yesterday someone jammed a large bit of cardboard in the recycle slot to mess with his head... I watched him proceed to force his bit of paper in.. poor guy, it really frustrated him... we giggled in the adjacent office... he gave up and left it sitting on top of the bin.

On another note, this workplace can't seem to get my name.. I started with Heidi and have somehow ended up with Mackenzie....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The perfection of a tulip*

Third day into my new job and I don't quite know what to make of it just yet... the people are lovely, some eccentric, one possibly bi-polaric... and of course there's an office nerd, a Jew, a chick in slacks and pink chucks, the "with its".... diverse indeed.

and work flow? slow at the moment... but that's boring, who wants to read about that. I do need to personalise my desk though, its looking as interesting as a brick wall on a gloomy day.

Boring. Need a day like the one pictured below:

Feeling the need to do something crazy very soon.

*Please note: the title of this blog entry has no relevance whatsoever with the actual blog entry.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last night we talked. We walked and we talked about him, life, love and ourselves. But mainly we spoke about Jake and you opened up, how much you love him and need him. The things he would do for you and say to you. The texts he would send but get all shy when you asked him to say them to your face. We acknowledged that it's always easier writing your true feelings rather than saying them. The more raw your feelings, the harder it is to say them...

That's why I'm writing this post to you Jasmine. I'm pouring what's real and close to my heart onto the keyboard because it's easier saying it in my head than to your face. But if I've learnt anything this weekend and from this tragedy it's to let those dearest to you know how you feel about them. So this is it:

I believe wholeheartedly that you need Jake and that you want to be with him where he is but I need you. I need you to talk to, to cry with, I need you to egg me on when I'm being inappropriate, I need you to tease me when I do things out of character. I need you to throw my advice back at me. I need you to be the little sister that needs me. I need you to keep all my secrets, to listen to all my insecurities and not laugh at them, I need you to give me advice in the areas you know I have less experience with, matters of the heart.

I need you to give me some of your pain, to take my strength and use it to combat this heartache.

Jake hasn't left you, he's in your heart. But you're here with me, with your mother, your sister, your family and everyone else who loves you and needs you. And you're in our heart.

You are a devastatingly beautiful spirit and one of the core people in my life. I love you baby girl.

This is for Jake. RIP.