Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Just a post for me to ramble because I like rambling.. nothing significant said here so you may as well stop reading (who actually says anything important.. if it's important you're much too serious, stop)... hanywho.. my mother has been on on a coconut binge lately (being a coconut herself) so there's been plenty of servings bouncing around, I even took some to work thinking I could share with my colleagues.. "nek minnit".. two of my colleagues hadn't even tasted coconut before (which was obviously force fed to them), one hadn't even had mango before OR apricots - super strange. Poor children, the deprivation of such basic joys one should have in life... I mean, where have these people been? the desert?? am I strange to find it strange? I likened it to not having ever seen The Sound of Music or Grease and you know what? Silence greeted me, my friends. silence.


And I thought I was uncultured...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Think less, live more.

Been feeling pretty low and cluttered as of late so on Sunday I shut my phone off and deactivated my Facebook... my poor family have to email me to get in contact... But sometimes there's just so much going on and so many distractions that you lose yourself and then when you realise that you've neglected your happiness worrying about others you just have to step back and slow everything down and fix what's within my control. That's how I feel anyway. And I have to say, blocking myself from the external world has sort of given me a release, like, I feel free.. I realise it's a little inconvenient for those trying to contact me but right now I have to re-focus.. do things I've loved but haven't done for a while, be really present in each moment and just remember the sort of person I am...

Today has been good. I woke up and decided I was going to control how my day goes and I've been pretty good at keeping myself within stable parameters... At the train station this morning, a big freight train went past and instead of shutting it out and retreating into my thoughts, I listened. All the clinks and the rhythm changes, the grinding of metal on metal and the different sounds it made.. it was oddly refreshing... and as it completely past what was left was the sweet twittering and singing of the birds.. all different sorts of birds, different sounds..

So here I sit at my desk, cluttered with different coloured paper cranes, in my pantyhose and open toe shoes like a nanna, excited to be about to truly live in each moment, ready to change, and turn that frown upside down :) xx

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meditation Tip of the Day

There are two ways of looking at your life:
either as a business or as an adventure.
As a business, you try to evaluate
and master everything.
As an adventure, you follow
the path of your heart,
a path that goes beyond reason.
HervĂ© LepĂȘtre